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cockpit and warehouse

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 Maria Chatzopoulou




Cockpit & Warehouse - the cabin and the storehouse



This project is double. It includes:

  • Item 1: the first images that depict a relation between a control panel and a warehouse that is controlled through it. In a wiki form (pbWorks). A bibliography is proposed.
  • Item 2: an architectonic interpretation of the relation between control panel and warehouse: the design (plan and section) or the creation of a "place" through the accumulation of selected images. A short text (100 - 150 words) describing briefly the particular setting, the control field and the idiosyncratic warehouse. Another longer text (more than 350 words) includes a particular reading of a fragment found in the bibliography. In a wiki form (pbWorks). The idea of a particular reading through images with existing parallel texts is crucial. The architecture of the handler is found in the same time "in front of" the devices that he or she handles and "in the field" that he or she contemplates from far away.




  • Item 1: delivered on April 28 (deadline extended to 12 May)
  • Item 2: End of semester

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